Community Schedule

  • Trash:



  • Bulk:



  • Recycling: 


Every other Tuesday

  • Lawn Care:


Summer Months (March-October): Thursday
Winter Months (November-February): Every other Thursday


Trash Day Information

Toters should be placed curbside no earlier than 1900 (7:00pm) the night before pickup and no later than 7:00am the day of pickup. Please remove your trash toter from the curbside once it is emptied on the same day as collection.

Bulk Trash Information

All recycling is to be placed out every other Tuesday.

Recycling Information

Waste Industries picks up recycling every other Tuesday. Please place all recyclables in your blue toter, not the green or gray trash toter. Waste Industries is pleased to recycle the following items: Newspapers, Magazines, Catalogs, Envelopes, Office Paper, Wrapping Paper, Paper Bags, Plastic Jugs, Steel/Tin cans, Cardboard Boxes, Cereal Boxes, Unwanted Junk Mail, Phone Books and Aluminum cans.

Lawn Care Information

Lawn services will be completed at all houses with the exception of fenced-in yards. Be sure to remove any items from your lawn including: garden hoses, lawn furniture, and toys on the scheduled day in order for the landscapers to properly care for your lawn. We also ask that you move all vehicles for blowing purposes.